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Welcome to Meeples Distribution, the board games wholesaler in the Netherlands and Belgium. We deliver both to game shops and directly to the consumer's home. Whether you want to dropship or buy directly, we have a place for everything. Register with our wholesaler right away and take a look at our purchase prices and assortment. 

Our story

Meeples Distribution is the B2B site of the Meeples Group. On this site we sell all conceivable board games and puzzles to the business market. We also publish our own titles through this group.

For example, you can recognize us by the new game we have published: Chai High Tea. 

About our range

Within the Meeples Group we work together with more than 40 partners to offer the widest possible range. In this way we can offer a diverse range within our wholesale games.

About Dropshipping

Meeples Distribution is a specialized wholesaler of board games, card games, toys, puzzles and much more. What makes us unique is that we can take over the delivery from the webshop by sending it directly to the customer. As a result, the webshop does not have to have the products in stock.

As a customer of Meeples Distribution you can therefore use our dropshipment services. We then arrange the complete delivery and bring the product to the customer stress-free! Check out our dropshipment services here or register your company directly.

Our blog

How do you get a successful board game crowdfunding?

How do you get successful board game crowdfunding? Written in collaboration with the University Of Applied Sciences in Arnhem & Nijmegen By the Meeples Group and the University Of Applied Sciences in Arnhem & Nijmegen What is crowdfunding / board game kickstarter? Crowdfunding is a popular method of raising money online by individuals and companies

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Merging Meeples & debordspelenwinkel.nl

Meeples board games and debordspelenwinkel.nl join forces to become a bigger player in the benelux games market. The two companies based in Dronten want to compete with the top providers in the market and give customers a special experience.

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